A really cold day

It has been quite cold here today and I am not really ready for it to be this cold, but I guess we must take what we are given too. I am so thankful for a really warm coat and warm leather gloves while it was 22 this morning when I took Major out as well as taking the trash down too. I am finding out that the coffee I really like has a little too much acid in it and has made me sick, so we will be trying something totally different in the morning as well and will just have to see if my body adjusts so that I can go back to the really strong Jamaican blend that I love so much.
Sue is really tired today and it will be late when she gets home because of a seminar that she had to go to at 5:00 and won't get out until 6:30 and then will pick up something to eat on the way home as well. I know that she is really ready for this semester to be over and done with because of all of the stuff that they want between now and then end of the semester. It is such a shame that teachers just cannot just teach anymore and have to be glorified secretaries as well.

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