A great presentation

Major and I had a great presentation yesterday. Lake Carolina Elementary School has taken on Southeastern as a great service project and we were there on their morningnews yesterday morning to let the students and teachers see what a working guide dog looked like. We were warmly greeted by everyone there including their principal and I really wish that Sue could work in that kind of environment. I realize that it is too far for her to travel from West Columbia, but really wish that she could teach in that kind of enthusiastic environment. I realize that all schools are not perfect, but I loved what I saw there and am glad to see that they are excited about what guide dogs can do for a blind person like myself and I am glad that they ahve gotten behind it. I love the guide dog movement and really love the toools that Southeastern has given me. I really believe that for guide work, Major is by far the best of the three dogs I have had over the past 24 1/2 years as well. He is really soft but extremely confident and his guide work is really outstanding. he handled all of the obstacles at the school whether we were in the parking lot or in the hallways of the school and I just love that because if I had been using a cane, I guarantee I would have hit everyone of them and that is no fun. It is great having the mobility that Major affords me.
I am looking forward to working him tomorrow at both our doctor's office for Sue's appointment in the morning as well as going to see the surgeon tomorrow afternoon to get the stitches and staples out from my gall bladder surgery and I am sure that he will rise to the occasion like he always does.

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