A quiet Dunday

It is a really quiet Sunday here today. Sue has been really tired all week and school has really gotten her down because of the craziness of report cards and teacher conferences with parents as well. Her one child has been really horrendous all week and I think that something really needs to be done. I know that she will have no kids tomorrow and that is a good thing so maybe she can get some work in her room done. I have offered to go with her and do some typing for her, but she has not taken me up on that yet.
We watched church from First Baptist downtown Columbia and it was a good service. I know that we are looking for a church home, but it does provide a great service too. I am hoping that we can find somewhere where we really will be comfortable and something a little smaller than we have been visiting. I really don't want to go to where her mom goes because it is too small and is dying because there is just no life there. I like the pastor, but he needs to retire and if he does, I am sure that church will die, but it is on the other side of Columbia from where we live and it is just too far to go and not get fed.
We are just taking things easy otherwise and I will be watching the race later on this afternoon and that should be fun too.
Sue fixed banana nut pancakes this mroning and they were great. It was definitely something different and I always like stuff like that too.

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