Frustrated with Major

I was really frustrated with Major tonight. Somehow he got a expensive pair of scissors that were on the couch in the living room and chewed the plastic handles off of them. I really thought that he was beginning to settle down now that he has hit three, but then he pulls something like this. I was really strict and hard on him and am just going to have to be that way and to make sure that he behaves here in the house. I cannot have him continually tearing stuff up and I blame his puppy raiser and his area coordinator for this. I cannot blame the training staff at the school because each trainer has about 15 dogs in a string and they just do not have the time to take care of behavior issues while they are training the dogs, so it is up to the area coordinators and the puppy raiser to make sure that their behavior is spot on. I heard many stories of his great house manners and they have never really come up to the expectations I was given and that really disappoints me because his work in harness is great and really confident.

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