A little frustrated right now

I think that this title says it all. I am a little frustrated with my sister-in-law right now. I cannot stand her holier than thou attitude right now. I sent her a story about something in the newspaper this morning and her reply was just wrong and in a nice way I tol her that her statement was horribly judgmental and then she got started in on my wife's attitude and I think it stemmed from Sunday night when he and Sue were fising the chili and he just did not have enough spices or sauce in it and Sue who cooks much more than Scott ever does was trying to tell him and trust me, with what she was trying to tell him about the sauce, she was right and then I get this attitude where they wanted to knock her head in. I am sorry but they are really narrow minded and bigotted and I would never go to their narrow minded Independent Baptitst church too because I am sure that is where much of their junk comes from.
I do get really frustrated with Sue and am really frustrated with the fact that she will not get off of her butt and do anything around the house or for herself and that even includes exercising and eating better than she does, but that is just something that she is personally going to have to deal with her on her own.

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