Back to the grind

We are definitely back to the grind again. Sue has not wanted to get up any day this week since she has had to go back to school, and I guess I cannot blame her too. She was sick the week before break started and then the week of Christmas, we ran just about every day somewhere and then she had the week after Christmas to relax, and I know that she felt like she had no vacation at all. I am hanging in there and still learning every day that passes what works now and what doesn't since my gall bladder surgery. I heated some hamburger steak too long yesterday and it dried the steak out and it bit me hard, but after taking all yesterday afternoon to get over it, I am fine now and will just have to watch what I am eating and how things are prepared.
It has been stormy here this morning and I am looking forward to a hot pot of coffeee here shortly.

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