Christmas is over

Christmas is over and done with for another year. I really love the season, but frankly am happy that all of the running around is done with. I went to my family's last Sunday without Sue because she ahd the flu all week long and we did not want to expose my dad to it because of all of his health issues and then later went back on Christmas Eve for dinner. It was really good and one brother had taken hiss kids to Charleston and had brought back a bushel of oysters which we steamed, and let me tell you, those things were really good too. We spent Christmas Day with Sue's mom and had dinner and brakfast with her brother and sister-in-law and then Friday evening went with the remainder of Sue's other brother's family at Ryan's and then went back to her mom's house for a while too. It got kind of tiring, but am thankful that most of the family live so near us that it is not that bad of a drive too.
It is nice and quiet here now and Sue is asleep. She has develped a cough this past week and has not really spept well all week and that really concerns me but until she decides to do something about it, there is not much that I can do too.

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