About to get new internet

It has been on really frustrating day with Bellsouth, so I have decided to call Road Runner either tonight or first thing in the morning. It has gotten so bad that if I use the house phone, then I have to reboot the computer to make the internet work and I have had to do that three different times today and that has just gotten really old. They have a really good special going on right now and we can definitely afford it and that is the package I will be going with.
I am hoping that Sue has had a better day too because she was really tired last night after the PTO meeting and the meet the parents. Her one little bad boy was there with his brother and she said that it was really obvious that the foster parents did not ever discipline them and they were all over the room trying to make a mess while she was trying to talk to the foster parents and I know that she was relly frustrated with all of them by the time that she got home too and it was nearly 8:30 before she got home and that made for a really long day and I know that she was whipped.

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