Just venting this morning

I just need to vent a little this morning and I am so glad that I have this blog to do it. Sue came home late because she was shopping after school and that was fine event hough she spent more money than she was intending, but that was ok because most of our bills so far this month are caught up and since we paid off the truck and our renter has been paying rent regularly we are ok. I am just frustrated because Sue just will not take care of herself. She ate something or did not eat something like she should have and that got her stomach all fouled up. I am so sick and tired of her being sick and tired and really wish that she would take care of herself. I really think that she has a serious sleep apnea problem. I think if she would just start using the CPAP machine I have and am no longer using, that would help her tremendously. I know that there is a lot going on at school and that she is stressed out over it and her stress relates to here at the house and I am getting stressed over her being so stressed. I will be really happy when her Christmas break gets here and then maybe she will get some rest and we can get the stuff that has been needed to be done around here for so long accomplished.
Our house looks horrible and I will gladly help her if she would just get off of her butt and turn the television off. She will turn it on and just sit there and sleep all day long and I know that is not healthy too. I really wish that she would at least ride my exercise bike for just five minutes and that would definitely hlep her to feel better too.

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