Ready forSue's Christmas break

I am really ready for Sue to have her Christmas break. She is really exhausted and some of it is not sleeping well and I have a sneaky feeling that she has some sleep apnea and wish that she would just start using the CPAP machine that I no longer am using. I lost so much weight that I no longer need it and sleep well and she doesn't and many nights is getting up and sleeping on the love seat inn the living room and I know that is not good too.
School has really overwhelmed her this semester and besides having some really unruly kids, she is the lead on two teacher evaluation teams that have to have their evaluations in next Monday and on top of all of that, the district is coming to see the school on Wednesday and I have a feeling that it will be more of a dog and pony show than anyting else and that just adds to the pressure of what is going on now.
I am really hoping that she can get a little rest while on vacation even though the day after she gets out of oschool, we will have my family's Christmas celebration and that is somewhat of a dog and pony show too. At least having Christmas with her mom, brother and sister-in-law won't be too much of a production and will be more of a quiet day than anything else.

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