A long day

It has been a really long day today and am glad I went ahead and went to the doctor. I did have a sinus infection and he gave me Amoxicillin for it as well as Prozac fro the depression I have been having. He was not surprised at all by the depression and I am glad I went ahead and went. I realize it is not going to make me feel better overnight, but will help int he long run and that is what I am looking for. he wants to see me in one month to see how well I am doing with it as well. I am just thankful that I recognized the fact aht i needed some sort of help and am getting it to make it through this part of the grieving process. I realize it is a process and the finality of everything ahs been really hard right now especially with our 10th anniversary being this Friday.
I know that God gave me my precious angel and He took her home for some unknown reason and that has been the hardest part because her love was unconditional and I am praying that I can find another lady that loves God and life as deeply as Suye did and of course she has to love dogs and kids too. I still am holding on to the dream fo the family that I feel like God gave me many years ago and know that I am still plenty young enough to have kids and that is exactly what I am praying for.
Mom and I went to lunch and then to the grocery store and let me tell you, after doing all of that, I am tired, but it has been a relatively good day there too.

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