Kind of down

I have been kind of down for the past few days. I think that much of it has to do with Sue's death and then some of it has to do with the crazy and hot weather that we have been having and my sinuses are torn up and maybe even infected.
I have just been down with no energy and have felt like doing nothing but sleeping and reading. I have finished up my last book on cd and may start reading something that is on my Victor Reader Stream as well. I have enjoyed reading more than I have realized even though I still love playing on the computer more than anything else.
I am going to my doctor on Monday to see about getting something for depression and we will just go from there. My friends andfamily have been extremely supportive and definitely understand why I am depressed and have encouraged me to go and get something even if it is something that I need temporarily.
I think it is time for help and right now since the death of my wife and the running around has finished up, I am just spent and the finality of it all has really come crashing down around me and it is time to do something.

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