Tired out

I feel really tired out today. This sinus thing is definitely getting me down and I have had a bad sinus headache all day long. I just feel woozy and have a feeling that part of this is due to the Prozac as well.
I just feel like I have been running all week long and other than going to church tonight, I have no plans of doing anything and think that might be the best thing that I can do for myself right now too. It has been a very long four months and know that i am in the real grieving process right now and believe me, it hurts. I know that Friday is going to be one really hard day and i am so blessed to have the friends that Ihave in my life right now because they ahve been so sweet, loving and supportive and there is no amount of money on earth that can ever replace that too.
I know that in time, I will be just fine and know that God is with me and is right there beside me and that is the one consolation that I can totally take to the bank right now too.

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