Utterly exhausted this afternoon

I am utterly exhausted this afternoon. I woke up around 2:30 and went to the bathroom and was hungry and got some cheese and then had a little trouble going back to sleep because I was wide awake and then finally got up at 6:00. I am just exhausted and ahve been gone all day long and am ready to stay home and just relax and read. I got my hair cut and it looks great and was supposed to have gotten a manicure too, but the lady doing it sat on her butt and that really made me mad, but what could i do about it? I am home now waiting on a pizza and am going to eat a couple of pieces of pizza and then relax and read for a while and just enjoy myself.
Yesterday was four months since I lost my precious angel and am glad I finally went to see the doctor as well and I know that it is too soon to see what the Porzac is doing and we will just go from there.

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