A little down tonight

I am feeling a little down tonight. After hearing Pastor Dave's message, I can realize that I have been trying to put up this great front that I am fine and if the truth really be known, many days I am not. I must admit that the good days now definitely outweigh the bad ones, but tomorrow is Father's Day and it is going to be hard looking at all of the Father's around me and not feeling really sad. I really miss my sweet Sue and miss the fact that even though we did not have kids, we were still a family and that is something that I really long to have. God gave me that dream several years ago and Sue and I never were able to have children of our own and were going to adopt, but that never happened too and I know that there was a reason for it too. I still want that family and know that I am still plenty young enough to have children and know that God has not takent hat dream away from me and will hold on to it until He does.
I am just donw because I am lonely and miss my angel.

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