Church was horrible

This morning's church was horrible. I am tired of the boring old traditional junk. If we are going to have Sunday School times two, then it needs to be one service and not this two services stuff and all of the chit-chat that John is doing. I think that my mother-in-law has put her finger on the problema nd we are in a rut and are lukewarm and God is about to puke with us. It was so boring that I really had problems focusing on any kind of worship and if that is the way that it is going to be, then I really do not need to be there. It would be better off if I stayed in the bed if we are going to continue down this path that we have been heading.
I really am hungering for good Bible teaching instead of John using someone else's work and not preparing a thing. I do not know how long it is going to last with this stuff going the way that it is.
I am just wondering if this was the sign that I have been looking for and just need a break. I just do not feel the love and the presence of God like I feel at Chrysalis on Saturday night. There is a love for each other and a hungering and thirsting for God like I have not seen in quite some time and that is so awesome. It has definitely met the need in my life especially where I am right now and that is a great thing as well.

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