Really struggling

I am really struggling with what to do about Sunday church. I really love the people at Forest Lake, but there is nothing there spiritually. I ahve known the pastor for nearly 40 years now and he is a good man with a great heart and he loves people, but he has allowed the church to become stagnant and I am really frustrated with what to do. I love the Saturday night church I have been attending and am getting some opportunities to do ministry opportunites but with Forest Lake, I feel no spirit there at all.
I have been praying to see if it is my attitude or if it is indeed what is going on within the church and it definitely looks like it is the latter. I am really tired of the Sunday School times two and wish that John would let his daughter Joanna teach Sunday School and he would just preach during the worship time. I am sick and tired of all of the book studies he is doing because he just doesn't prepare and think he is taking the easy way out of pastoring a church and think he just needs to retire. It is very obvious to me that his focus is not on the church and on other things that he is involved in and that is just sad and wrong all at the same time.

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