Things are finally straight

Things are finally straight with school and I think that I am just drained from all of that drama as well as the mental exhaustion from Sue's death. I really cannot handle any more drama and found out that Sue's assistant lied to me about last Friday and that really hurts. I am not sure why it happened, but needless to say that it did and what she told me really pissed me off and then after talking to Roz, the CRT, I was saddened and hurt and just wonder what kind of agenda Cynthia has right now.
All of that is to say that the stress has really tired me out and I cannot stand any more drama like that and if someone comes up and tries to tell me about it, then I am going to have to say that I don't want to hear it. I have been extremely sleepy these last several days and I think that it is my body just telling me that I need to slow down and not dwell on any of this stuff. God has an amazing way of creating our bodies so that when we overload them, our system starts shutting down and when this happens, it is time for us to take things easy.
I started back exercising yesterday and am going to try and walk ont he treadmill some and then ride the bike some and am going to try and do this three days a week instead of what I was trying to do and that should give my body a little bit of a rest too.

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