Really upset today

I am really upset today because I learned this afternoon that Sue's principal blocked her assistant from packing her belongings yesterday. Not only did that really anger me and royally piss me off, but it hurt me deeply and ahve taken steps to rectify this situation. I have just emailed the Superintendent of the school district and will be calling his office first thing Monday morning and expect some sort of response from him. I do not want to hear any garbage from the principal because she has done nothing but cause strife in that place and needs to be replaced. She is two faced and how does she know what is Sue's and what is not and I know that Cynthia does because they worked side by side for five years and by now Cynthia should really know what is and what is not and that even includes all of the school things that Sue bought with our money and not the school's.
I dare Ms. Brown to call me Monday after receiving the email because Ihave some things to tell her and if I have to, will get my personal lawyer involved and will file legal action if I deem it necessary and no one had better try stopping me because it is my money and theya re messing with my life as well.
It was a pretty good day until Cynthia called me and the funny thing is that the teacher that took Sue's place called her to come and help pack up on Monday because she is "overwhelmed." I think that is really funny and told Cynthia that she needed to go and help and pack the stuff up and if Brown orders her out, then leave, but since theya re not employing her for the summer, then to go for it and whatever she can pack up and get out, Brown will never know the difference and by then the full force of my email will probably have hit home and that will definitely be a good thing.

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majorshouse said...

I finally found out the real story and was more sad today than upset. Cynthia lied to me about the school stuff and what Brown and Roz did. It seems that all of Sue's stuff was packed up and evidently Cynthia is not telling me everything that has been going on. I think she is not going to send me any of the real emails that were sent to her by Brown too and if that is the case, then it is ok.