Feeling a little blah tonight

I am feeling just a little blah tonight. I am tired and a little disappointed that my brother won't be down until tomorrow evening, but we will get by too. I know that tomorrow is Mother's Day and i am sure that has a lot to do with it too. I am sure that Sue's mom is going to have a really hard day too especially since she lost her daughter, son and husband all in the space of two years. I know how hard it has been losing Sue and can only imnagine what she has been through.
I am looking forward to spending time tomorrow at my parents house and that will be good too and my sister is providing dinner, and she can really cook like I cannot.
I know that she enjoyes it where I just do it to get by, even though I now have the new stove that I have not tried yet and if I can get my but going in the morning early enough, I am going to try and make a pot of grits. I have some really great stone ground grits and they are great cooked on the stove. I have some sausage dogs in the refrigerator or I have some chicken strips in the freezer that would be good too. I think I will get some eggs the next time I am in the store so I can have grits and eggs, what a great combination.

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