Really tired today

I have been really tired today. I don't know if the past 11 weeks are catching up with me and just need the rest or if I have not been getting enough sleep at night and not taking a nap in the afternoon. I have been trying to eat better and there have been many days that I have not accomplished this at all.
I have taken the rest of the week off other than maybe doing some laundry on Saturday morning for just me. I started reading a book this morning and ahve read three of the 10 cd's that are in this book. I have enjoyed what I have read and am going to go to bed earlier or at least try to do that after we get home from church tonight.
I think that not only am I physically exhausted, but mentally and emotionally too. I have been running really hard since Sue died getting all of the stuff out of the house and sheds as well as getting all of the paperwork done and submitted and I think that has just taken a huge toll, so I am just going to do things for me for the next couple of days and then get back into my normal routine on Monday.

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