A little down right now

I am just a little down right now. Roz from the school brought out all of Sue's personal stuff that she had in the classroom and that brings real closure and I guess because of that I am a little depressed right now. It makes it that much more final and it needed to be done and I greatly appreciate her coming all the way out here and bringing it, but it still hurts to see it all boxed up like that too.
I know it had to be done and I will see about hooking up the printer and seeing if it will work since the drivers on it should work better with this computer than the printer that I have had for so long too.
I have done pretty well today and even got the house vaccummed like it needed so desperately to be done too.

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Gina said...

I am so soory. It is moemnts like that and there will be more, that make the pain of loss loom around out hearts ever so real.
I know Sue would be proud to see you going on.
May I suggest that just for now, you put the boxs away and go through them at a later time. And perhaps you can donate to someone else some of her thingsat a later date to help in teaching those children she loved so much. You are on no time schedule. all
My prayers and thoughts are with you.