Life insurance is here

I got a knock on the door a little while ago and it was the mailman with a certified letter from the Budget and Control Board and that lets me know that the life insurance check I have been looking for is here. It makes things so final, but know that what I am going to do is what Sue would have wanted me to do and that is to pay the house off and that will give me some financial breathing room once the house is paid off and that will definitely happen by the end of the month. I now need to go to the bank and at least put the check into my savings account and then we will go and get a certified check and send it to the mortgage company with the account number and that will be great and even be better once the trailer closes in July as well. My brother called last night and we are going to transfer the insurance and the tag from the Subaru to the Trailblazer this week and then he will get the title from me and I will sign it over to him and then he is going to start making payments to me and that will be great. I really do not need a car right now and it will definitely fit his needs better than the Subaru right now. It has more space and can haul things where the Forrester is not large enough to pull a trailer let alone put more than two or three people in it let alone putting stuff with them in it too.
It is all so final, but am glad that everything is finally coming together and now I can move on with my life. I am fervently praying for a girlfriend now. I really want to share my life with someone of the female persuasion and I know that God has someone for me as well.

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