Still hurting

This one says it all.  I am still really hurting tonight and just don't know quite what to do about it.  I know I have one more Perkaset I can take and all it seems like it is doing is just barely taking the edge off of the pain, but guess that is better than nothing at all.  I don't see Dr. Toussaint until Wednesday morning and I need the quickest surgery date he can give me for the implant.  there are times that no matter what i do, I just cannot get comfortable and I know how much this chronic pain is effecting my sleep.  I dozed a couple of times while watching tv, but never really took a much needed nap and am hoping I don't get awakened again at 4:30 like I did this morning.
I think the only way I am really making it is from my friends who have been praying for me and I am so humbled to think they would take time out to keep me in pryar so that it can keep me going through all of this.

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