A surgery date

I have a surgery date.  I was kind of hoping for this Friday, but will be having my implant surgery on Wednesday at 7:30 in the morning.  A lot earlier than I would like to be up, but it will be the first surgery on the schedule so that is a good thing too.
It will be an outpatient procedure and barring anything unforseen, I should be back home by lunch=time and that will be good too.  I know that mom will take me and then I will hit a drive through on the way home.  She will go and get her little dog after she gets me settled and then will come back and assume will spend the night with me and even though I think I can handle it myself, I think it will be a good thing that she will be here, I know that you can't be too careful anyhow.
Yesterday and last night I was hurting so badly and Dr. Toussaint upped the amount of Perkaset I can take and just hope I don't run out before surgery, but if I do, then I know he will give me a prescription for more than I have been normally taking and that will be good too.

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