Finally getting somewhere

I am finally getting somewhere. I called the funeral home this morning and found out that it might take up to four weeks to get the death certificate and was told if I wanted it faster that I had to call the Department of Health and that is exactly what I did this afternoon, and thankfully it will be ready for them to pick up in the morning and when they call me, I will see if they can send it to the Dunbar Road location and either I will go and get it or see if they will bring it to me and am sure that they will. This will get me on the road to processing the life insurance as well as starting to get everything else done that I need to do as well and that will be good.
I am going to call my attorney in the morning to see aobut a couple of things including probate and I may not have to go through that and that will be just fine with me if I do not have to mess with that and will be cheaper as well.
Things are looking up even though I am not looking forward to seeing the death certificate, but also realize that it is necessary.

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