A long day

It has ben kind of a long day. I went downtown to work on getting me a new Social Security card because I needed it to apply for Sue's retirement, and found out when we got there that my South Carolina I.D. card had expired, so I got the paperwork for DMV and will send the copy we made and the copy of my I.D. card and just see if that will work.
I also set up the interview for getting the lump sum benefit that is coming to me and have to go and get the copy of my marriage certificate as well and mail it back to them and that should not be any trouble too.
The only deal with downtown Columbia is that the parking is a real nightmare, but we had to walk three blocks there and then back. I was extremely proud of Major because of the great job he did.
After getting home, I called the cemetery and found out that the gravestone has come in but has not been laid down and should be in place by the end of the week or early next week. I am excited that is being done, just not really happy to see it and definitely will be laying pink roses on it after it is laid down. Sue loved her roses and I will make sure that she has some.
One of Sue's aunts and her boyfriend came up from Savannah in his Corvette and he took me home in it, man what a ride as well. I could get used to driving a car like that if I could see to drive as well.

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