A good week

It has been a really good week. It started with an interview by WIS-TV on Monday talking about donating a good amount of school supplies to BC 1 Elementary and then basically chilling out all week to going to the lawyer's office this morning to sign the paperwork that will be filed for probate. I really think that is going to go smoothly and soon I should have the bulk of the life insurance money as well and that will allow me to pay off the house too.
I am looking forward to the weekend because I will be getting my new lap top tomorrow and then will of course be going to church tomorrow night and then to a concert on Sunday night too.
I am still amazed that it has only been seven weeks since I lost Sue, but am even more amazed at how some days are great and then some absolutely suck, but God has been good and I have made it and am so bleassed to have the friends and family that I have too.

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