Up too early

I think that this one says it all. I am up too early, but at 4:30, I just could not sleep any longer. I had a good glass of wine before I went to bed and because of the changes in my system after gastric bypass, it really buzzed me, but went to sleep pretty fast, but got up a little over an hour after I went to bed to go to the bathroom, but went back to sleep and then am now up and it is much earlier than I would really like it to be.
I have coffee going and will just go and watch the news for right now since I have already checked my email. I am looking forward to getting my hair cut later on this morning and may order either a pizza or pasta from Pizza zHut for supper because I am getting kind of tired of everything that is here in the house as well and since I am going out of town for a week on Friday morning, I really don't want much in the refrigerator too. I have some things I can eat, but am getting kind of tired of them and have only been out to eat one time since Sue died and for me, that is some sort of a record as well.I am just going to hang in there and am really jazzed that I am also going to be getting the death certificate soon as well.

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