Much accomplished

I got much accomplished. I went to the lawyer's office and got a lot accomplished today. We have probate started and things look good for that since things with us were really simple. I hate that we could not find the original copy of the will. I think we can suffice with a copy of it though and that is more than likely the way that we are going to have to go about it. I was worried about it, but now just think we will work with whatever we have. I was fortunate to find the paperwork for the trailer and that definitely helped.
We were able to go to the district office and give them the death certificate and that was good too and the benefits person there is supposed to also fax the alwyer's office with the account number for the life insurance and we need that for probate. I am so happy that I was able to get so much done and now all I am waiting for is the life insurance to be processed and then be able to pay off my house.

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