A great service last night

We had nother great service at Chrysalis last night and I am so excited about David's vision to not only church the Christians like me that are basically disenfranchised with the traditional church, but to bring in the unlovely and broken that the traditional church has abandoned. I really think we ahve something and exciting there and believe it or not, the pastor's wife Theresa is already match making and one girl in particular would not be a bad one to date. I am not looking to date, but if she came around, I would like it. I am not looking to get married right yet, but long for great female companionship like I had with Sue. It still seems really strange not wearing my wedding ring, but I really feel that the more I was looking at it, the more I was wallowing in my grief. I know I will always grieve for my sweet Sue, but also know that she would want me to go on and be happy and continue the work we were doing with the Lay Mission team as well.
Any girl I date and possibly marry will have to partner with me in the Lay Witness Mission program. It is in my blood and this is one more way to go into the church and show them that not only are we not professional ministry people, we are just like them and are giving them a fresh perspective on their particular church and it is a really awesome thing and program too.
I am looking forward to going out to mom and dad's after church at Forest Lake this morning. I hope that the service there is a little better this morning because I am not getting the feeding like David is doing at Chrysalis. I think that is why that church is dying too.

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