Really frustrated

I am really frustrated and think that maybe I have figured out why I am not sleeping well now and I have pent up frustrations. I am still feeling like well meaning people are wanting to come over and do this that and the other and I really do not feel like messing right now and would just as soon that they leeave me the hell alone. I have not had many moments of real peace since Sue died and frankly as much as I want someone to date and have companionship with, I am tired of people coming in my house, messing and then not telling me where they are putting things and I just do not feel like or even want to mess right now. I could care less how it looks right now and if they can get into the spare room then leave the blasted boxes for right now. If they want to workin the shed this weekend, then go right ahead, but stay out of the house right now because I am tired and in a really bad mood because I feel like mom and Sue's mom right now want to do what they feel needs to be done or doing what they want to get done and I am not being asked, I am being told and frankly I am sick of it and just want to be left alone.
I guess I just needed to put this down on paper and need to be more vocal about it, even though I may have to do it in a really nice way.

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