Really tired

I am really tired today because I woke up around 3:30 and finally around 4:00 decided to take a Xanex to calm me down. I just wonder if my body is getting to used to the Ambien and is not being really effective right now too. I have been kind of groggoy all day long and dozed off watching the truck race this afternoon, so have decided to get up and just mess around a little bit. I am going to the mountains this weekend for a few days and think that will be fun as well.
I just need to get out of town because right now I think I might be bored or just a little depressed right now and the change of scenery might be nice too.
I am just ready to get on with life and just see where things go as well.I also was able to go ahead and pay off the other grave site this morning and that felt good taking care of that as well. I know that Sue would be really proud of me and am really happy that has already been accomplished as well.

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