Really tired this morning

I am really tired this morning. I think it is more emotional than anything else. I think going to the school on Monday really took more out of me than I thought and then yesterday I really got into things with my mom because I was tired and frustrated with being just pushed into doing things here in the house that frankly need to wait. I am still emotionally overwhelmed and she thinks things ahve to be done now when in actuality, they can wait and many of the things she wants to do can wait. She just does not understand because her husband, even though he is in bad health is still alive, and I have a feeling that given the same set of circumstances, she would feel the very same way that I do, so she just needs to back off and cannot stand it when I stand up to her because everything is her way or the highway and I just do not work that way and she knows it.
I slept ok until about 4:30 and then slept until 5:30 and listened to the radio until 6:00 when I got up and went to the bathroom and just decided to stay up and now could definitely use a good nap too.
I am definitely looking forward to the weekend so that I can just chill out and just be here. I know that tomorrow is going to be hard and like my dietician told me last week, every Friday for a while is going to be really hard and by God's grace I will get through it all.

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