Really tired tonight

I am really tired tonight and think that some of the emotional stress has caught up with me too. I had a great day yesterday and today and have been going 90 miles an hour and that may be part of it too.
I had a great day going out to my parent's house for lunch and watched most of the race with my dad and that was great and then we came back home and I dozed just about all of the way home, so I guess I needed the nap. I had supper and now am just chilling out on the computer and am going to have some banana pudding that a very sweet lady made for me last week and man let me tell you, that stuff is great. I hope that the Amazing Race is on tonight instead of basketball and then I might just go to bed early. My mother-in-law and I are going to take a large box of books and the keys for the school back to them tomorrow around lunch time and that is going to be kind of hard too, but will get through it. I know that this is all part of grieving and getting through it all.

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