Tired of being single

I am just sick of being single right now. If I had not been married for the last 9 1/2 years it would not feel so bad because I was used to it and think my brother who is divorced can easily understand too. I know that more than likely it is too early to be thinking about dating again, but I miss being married and the companionship of my wife as well as the sexual part too.
I still desire to have a wife and children and God is the only one who is going to take that desire away from me too. I am definitely looking forward to going to church tonight and I like the fact that it is mostly people around my age and believe it or not, a good many of them happen to be single too, but that is not the reason I am attending.
I also took my wedding band off today because frankly it was really loose on my finger and it also hurts too badly to look at it right now because it is really reminding me of what I had with Sue. I love her still and always want to preserve and honor her memory. I think that I can grieve and maybe start to heal a little better by not always being reminded that I just lost my angel three weeks ago.

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