Some good news

I got some good news yesterday after having an emotionally charged day. The cemetery called me and told me that finally the sketch of the grave marker had come back and it looked great. The first sketch had gotten screwed up by the company the palce uses and we were not happy at all and what we had originally chosen had not been sketched, but we chose a different angel to be the center piece and emblem and it turned out great.
The marker should be in place by Mother's Day and hopefully I will have the death certificate by then too. I am a little frustrated that it is taking so long to get it, but I guess that there is nothing I can do about the autopsy taking nearly three months too.
I did get my new phone yesterday and it is a piece of junk and will be talking it back to the store tomorrow to exchange it for something that will not only work but will be easier for me to use as well.
I am still battling loneliness at night and it is just too quiet and have been talking to my friends a good bit and that seems to be helping too and am hoping that today will be a great day. At least I am having coffee and that always starts the day off right even if the rest of the day goes to crap.

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